Law locked in codes – Some thoughts on the new AVMS Directive

Author: Zsolt ZĹ‘di

One of the intersections between EU audiovisual policy and copyright, or why aren’t the same television programmes available in all Member States?

Author: Péter Lábody

The video-sharing platform paradox, or the applicability of new European rules in the intersection of globalization and distinct Member State implementation.

Author: Kinga Sorbán

Symbols of authoritarian regimes and a system of legal sanctions prohibiting their use

Author: PĂ©ter Smuk

On hurtful words

Author: Bernát Török

Fake News and the First Amendment: Reconciling a Disconnect Between Theory and Doctrine

Authors: Clay Calvert, Stephanie McNeff, Austin Vining, Sebastian Zarate


The system of cooperation between the Member States of the European Union in the field of data protection

Author: Katinka Bojnár

Peculiarities of networked news media, with particular regard to the echo chamber and the filter bubble phenomena

Author: Mihály Gálik

Towards a new approach to the legal assessment of mass internet speech: Judgment of the Grand Chamber in Strasbourg in the Delfi case

Author: Péter Nádori

Liberalisation and consumer protection efforts in the context of the amendment of the regulation of audiovisual media. The future of television advertising and product placement in the digital media environment

Author: Tamás Szikora

Book reviews

András Koltay: Az új média és a szólásszabadság. A nyilvánosság alkotmányos alapjainak újragondolása. (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2019.) [New media and freedom of speech. Rethinking the constitutional foundations of public sphere. Oxford, Hart, 2019.]

Author: Kinga Sorbán

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