Free Speech in the Algorithmic Society: Big Data, Private Governance, and New School Speech Regulation

Author: Jack M. Balkin

Legal assessment of electronic sports (e-sports)

Author: √Ākos KŇĎhidi

The right to forget as preliminary issue for identity management

Author: Petra Lea L√°ncos

Journalists in Parliament, 1949‚Äď1990

Author: Róbert Takács


Private law issues in film distribution. The film distribution contract

Author: Sándor Takó

Identification and freedoms. The decision of the Korean Constitutional Court on the real-name system

Author: Péter Nádori

Identical names and domain names. Subsidiary application of domain claims in German and Austrian case law

Author: M√°rton Schultz

Viruses and zombies in criminal law. Criminal substantive and procedural law issues regarding information system and data breaches

Author: Kinga Sorb√°n

Book reviews

Péter Smuk: Magyar és európai pártjog. [Hungarian and European political party law.] (Budapest, Gondolat, 2018.)

Author: √Ārp√°d Varga

Zsolt ZŇĎdi: Platformok, robotok √©s a jog. √öj szab√°lyoz√°si kih√≠v√°sok az inform√°ci√≥s t√°rsadalomban. [Platforms, robots and the law. New regulatory challenges in the information society.] (Budapest, Gondolat, 2018.)

Author: Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy

Bern√°t T√∂r√∂k: Szabadon sz√≥lni, demokr√°ci√°ban. A sz√≥l√°sszabads√°g magyar doktr√≠n√°ja az amerikai jogirodalom t√ľkr√©ben. [Freely speaking, in a democracy. The Hungarian doctrine of free speech in the light of the American legal literature] (Budapest, HVG-ORAC, 2018.)

Author: Andr√°s Koltay

In Medias Res