On the way to republican autonomy? Virtuous civil journalists and political expression

Author: Ian Cram

Peter ForsskĂĄl: Thoughts on Civil Liberty (1759) Translation of the original manuscript, with commentary

Author: Peter ForsskĂĄl

The advertisement of lawyers as a special opinion

Author: Krisztián Kovács

One of the key figures in Vienna’s press policy after the Revolution and the War of Independence in 1848/49. The work of Eduard Lackenbacher in the early 1850s, with particular reference to his mission to Frankfurt

Author: Orsolya Manhercz

Is cyberbullying harassment? The dilemmas of criminal law sanctions for cyberbullying

Author: Zsuzsanna Éva Monori

Hearing of the ”press section” of the bill on the enactment of criminal procedure in 1897

Author: Vince Paál


Conference: Freedom of expression, the media and the common good. Studies based on conference presentations

What the classical ethics of freedom could not have foreseen. The logic of online mass communication and acts of speech

Author: Márton Demeter

The necessity, right and responsibility of political expression from the point of view of the common good and good governance. In the light of ideological history analyses

Author: János Frivaldszky

Considerations on freedom of expression. The balance of Christian philosophy

Author: GĂ©za Kuminetz

Prohibition of pornography, hate speech law, access control, or the restriction of liberty for the sake of freedom. Thoughts while reading Owen M. Fiss’s book

Author: Zoltán Turgonyi

Limiting hate speech and the ideal of citizenship, according to Eric Heinze’s new theory

Author: András Koltay

Book reviews

Attila Menyhárd – Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz (eds.): Személy és személyiség a jogban. [Person and personality in law] (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2016.)

Author: Veronika Szeghalmi

Géza Buzinkay: A magyar sajtó és újságírás története a kezdetektől a rendszerváltásig. [The history of the Hungarian press and journalism from the beginning to the change of regime] (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2016.)

Author: Vince Paál

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