The Press and Political Community

Author: David Anderson

Against civility? Arguments for protecting ‚Äėbad taste‚Äô, disrespectful, and anonymous online speakers

Author: David Anderson

The Overlapping of Fools? Drawing the Line between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism in wake of the 2014 Gaza Protests

Author: Robert A. Kahn

#JeSuisCharlie: free expression in the age of global media

Author: Joanna Kulesza

If media freedom is a fundamental value in the EU why doesn’t the EU do anything to ensure its application? The non-use of Art. 7 TEU.

Authors: Jackie Harrison, Stefanie Pukallus


Vienna’s press policy after the revolution (1849‚Äď1852)

Author: Orsolya Manhercz

Machines do not talk. Search engine listings as speech in the light of U.S. Law perception

Author: Zolt√°n Navratyil

Supporting and limiting the development of democratic public opinion in Eastern European legal systems

Author: Péter Smuk

A Mysterious Blend of the Personal and the Public: Professional Boundaries and the Ideology of Journalism

Author: Tamás Tófalvy

The regulation of defamation and insult in Europe

Author: Zoltán J. Tóth

Book reviews

Lee C. Bollinger: A toler√°ns t√°rsadalom. Korl√°tlan, erŇĎteljes √©s sz√©lesre nyitott (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2014.) [The Tolerant Society. Uninhibited, Robust, and Wide-Open. Oxford ‚Äď New York, Oxford University Press, 2010.]

Author: Andr√°s Koltay

G√°bor Poly√°k: M√©diaszab√°lyoz√°s, m√©diapolitika ‚Äď Technikai, gazdas√°gi √©s t√°rsadalomtudom√°nyi √∂sszef√ľgg√©sek. [Media regulation, media policy ‚Äď Technical, economic and social science correlations] (Budapest ‚Äď P√©cs, Gondolat ‚Äď PTE Kommunik√°ci√≥- √©s M√©diatudom√°nyi Tansz√©k, 2015.)

Author: Levente Nyakas

Frederick Schauer: A demokrácia és a szólásszabadság határai. Válogatott tanulmányok. [The limits of democracy and freedom of expression. Selected studies] (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2014.)

Author: Andr√°s Koltay

P√©ter Smuk: A politikai diskurzusok alkotm√°nyjogi szerkezete. A demokratikus k√∂zv√©lem√©ny kialakul√°s√°nak alkotm√°nyos garanci√°i ‚Äď eur√≥pai standardok √©s k√∂z√©p-eur√≥pai kih√≠v√°sok. [The constitutional law structure of political discourses. Constitutional guarantees of the development of democratic public opinion ‚Äď European standards and Central European challenges] (MTA B√∂lcs√©szettudom√°nyi Kutat√≥k√∂zpont, 2014.)

Author: Tam√°s Klein

In Medias Res