The right of publicity and the search for principle

Author: Val Corbett

Offensive symbols and hate speech law: Where to draw the line? An American perspective

Author: Robert A. Kahn

Digitalisation and beyond: Media freedom in a new reality

Author: Katrin Nyman-Metcalf

Governance issues of the new media environment

Authors: Ulrike I. Heinrich, Rolf H. Weber

Anonymous speech on the Internet

Author: Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich


Solution to the comment dilemma? Section 5 of the UK’s Defamation Act of 2013

Author: Péter Nádori

The genesis of a historian‚Äôs speculation. Side-notes Andr√°s Koltay: The lawsuits of Kriszti√°n Ungv√°ry in Hungary and Strasbourg ‚Äď A Snapshot to the paper ‚ÄúThe Current State of the Protection of the Reputation and Honour of Public Actors in Hungary‚ÄĚ

Author: László Kiss

“The management of the institution cannot allow spontaneity” Comments on the writing of L√°szl√≥ Kiss, former Deputy Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist People’s Party, current judge of the Constitutional Court

Author: Kriszti√°n Ungv√°ry

A historian‚Äôs speculation without sufficient factual support is not a formal error. In response to the above writing of the ‚Äėspeculative‚Äô historian, Kriszti√°n Ungv√°ry

Author: László Kiss

Criticism of the ‚Äėre-codification‚Äô of press remedy

Author: Tam√°s Kisb√°n

The theoretical foundations of the right to privacy

Author: Attila Menyh√°rd

Book reviews

Andr√°s Koltay ‚Äď Bern√°t T√∂r√∂k (eds.): Sajt√≥szabads√°g √©s m√©diajog a 21. sz√°zad elej√©n. [Freedom of the press and media law in the early 21st century] (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2014.)

Author: Istv√°n Kukorelli

Andr√°s Koltay (ed.): Media Freedom and Regulation in the New Media World. (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2014.)

Author: Andr√°s Koltay

Perry Keller: Eur√≥pai √©s nemzetk√∂zi m√©diajog. Liber√°lis demokr√°cia, kereskedelem √©s az √ļj m√©dia. (Budapest, Wolters Kluwer, 2014.) [European and International Media Law: Liberal Democracy, Trade, and the New Media. Oxford ‚Äď New York, Oxford University Press, 2011.]

Author: Levente Nyakas

In Medias Res