The Atlantic or Pacific(a) Divide: On Regulating Broadcast Indecency in the U.S. from a Comparative European Perspective

Author: Mark D. Cole

The digital age disease

Author: Attila Károly Molnár

The press policing debate between Ferenc Nagy and László Rajk in 1946. Additions to the work of László Rajk as Minister of Interior Affairs

Author: Gábor Sz. Nagy

Blasphemy, Defamation of Religions and Human Rights Law

Author: Jeroen Temperman


Limitation of the protection of journalistic sources in the case law of the Strasbourg Court

Author: Annamária Mayer

Excerpts from the area of domain name claims in the light of the freedom of the press

Author: Zoltán Navratyil

In the wake of media pluralism. Theoretical foundations for the study of the European Union’s media policy

Author: Levente Nyakas

The dogmatics of private law protection of personality in German law. The doctrine of the general law of personality, with particular reference to the protection of the honour and reputation of the individual

Author: Ferenc Szilágyi

Publicity of civil litigation

Author: Írisz. E. Horváth

Book reviews

Klestenitz Tibor: A katolikus sajtómozgalom Magyarországon 1896–1932. [The Catholic press movement in Hungary 1896–1932] (Budapest, CompLex, 2013.)

Author: Zsófia Bárány

Paál Vince (ed.): A magyarországi médiaháború története. Média és politika 1989–2010. [The history of the media war in Hungary. Media and Politics 1989–2010] (Budapest, CompLex, 2013.)

Author: Vince Paál

In Medias Res