Private Power, the Press and the Constitution

Author: C. Edwin Baker

Additions to the press policing regulation of the Horthy era I.

Author: Tamás Klein

A foretaste of the paper The Copyright Aspects of the Media Value Chain

Authors: Anikó Grad-Gyenge, Ildikó Sarkady

Citizens United – An area not for a European

Author: Sándor Udvary

Looking for the User in Media Pluralism Regulation: Unraveling the Traditional Diversity Chain and Recent Trends of User Empowerment in European Media Regulation

Author: Peggy Valcke


Once again, on the failed merger of Axel Springer and the Ringier publishing group and the new regulation of media concentration

Authors: Mihály Gálik, Artemon Vogl

… And once again on the case of Axel Springer – Ringier. Answer to Mihály Gálik and Artemon Vogl

Author: Kinga Géczi

On the Ombudsman’s media law practice. Experiences and opportunities

Author: Barnabás Hajas

Comments on the Hungarian Internet: civil law practice

Author: Péter Nádori

Commercial messages that appear during programmes. New elements and techniques in the practice of commercial communications

Author: Tamás Szikora

The transformation of the role of the British press in the last three decades

Author: Tamás Varga

Book reviews

András Koltay – Levente Nyakas (eds.): Magyar és európai médiajog. [Hungarian and European media law] (Budapest, CompLex, 2012.)

Author: Veronika Szeghalmi

Róbert Takács: Politikai újságírás a Kádár-korban Hatalom és újságírás viszonya, 1956–1988. [Political journalism in the Kádár era. The relationship between power and journalism, 1956–1988] (Budapest, Napvilág – Politikatörténeti Intézet, 2012.)

Author: Vince Paál

In Medias Res